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About Na'imah - Testimonials

"Na'imah's dance talents are such that she can bring tears of laughter and joy to my eyes -- and on purpose!"
    -- Cassandra Shore, director Jawaahir Dance Company and the Cassandra School, Minneapolis, MN

"I can't thank you two fabulous artists enough for the experience you provided the kids on Monday. 99% of the evaluations are all 10's!!! That's a first for me. I would love to use your talents again... What can I say I enjoyed working with you two so much I wish we could do that everyday!!"

"…lovely and really true Egyptian style with lots of interaction… you were very flexible and adapted your dance to suit the audience! An experienced dancer/entertainer… :-)"
    -- Ishtar, New Zealand

"Na'imah’s extensive experience in troupe and solo dance, along with her vast dance vocabulary, and her ability to beautifully interpret music make her an amazing performance coach. She has helped me choreograph to my strengths, make appropriate changes to my dances, and she has given great advice on music choices, movements, and even costuming. She is an amazing resource for performance coaching."
    -- Jill Ritchie, Al-Vashti Dance Troupe, Grand Rapids, MI

"I very much liked your dancing. Hip vocabulary, music & your showmanship (little bit o' acting). If I lived closer, I would study with you..."
    -- Reesa Zohal, Massachusetts

"Thanks so much for participating in the Expressive Arts Program. We appreciate you sharing your talents with everyone. I know everyone in attendance had a blast! Thanks again!"
    -- Kristen McKinnon, Bethany Christian Services

"Yeah...little sore this morning :D Thanks for the fun, laughs, and great workout!"
    -- Shawn Glynn, Grand Rapids, MI

"I just wanted to give you a big hug for the class last night. It had been my first time at the class and I was incredibly nervous as I really did not know what to expect. With your sense of humor and down to earth attitude, you did a great job of making me feel welcome."
    -- Cynthia, Grand Rapids, MI

"I always wanted to try belly dancing, however my fear kept getting in the way. And then, one day I discovered Naimah's website and said to myself, there's no time like the present, and the rest is history. What an experience, what fun! Na'imah's energy, presence, humor, and of course her dancing and teaching skills are awesome. Belly dancing allows me to connect with my body in an affirming way I have never experienced before. I can't stop smiling when I'm in class!"
    -- Debra Berry, Grand Rapids, MI

"I really enjoyed your Beginner Belly Dance class! I so enjoyed myself, thanks to you teaching us gals it's okay to like ourselves as we are! Your sense of humor along with step de-coding really helped us understand the basics of bellydancing. I appreciate your teaching style that enhances the beauty and art of bellydancing, not to be mistaken for rough-around-the-edges dancing of a different sort.

Thanks again for enabling me to feel good about some dance moves that beautifully display our awesome bodies!"

    -- Patty, Wyoming, MI

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